Discover Spain: The land of Museums and Art

“Solo travel is about much more than travel. It’s about building confidence, discovering new interests and talents and living life on your terms.”

Women Experiences

Experience the thrill of a private concert at the home of a singer-songwriter, enjoy itineraries narrated by female writers, savour avant-garde gourmet fare with Spanish chefs and participate in many other unique experiences as part of a privileged tour with a focus on the feminine.

Al Andalus

A place of great women philosophers, poets and historians… Meet the leading women of the Flamenco music scene. Soak up the beauty of the legacy of Al-Andalus. Lose yourself in the streets that were home to the slave-turned Queen Isabel de Solís, poet Hafsa Bint A-Hayy, and Queen Isabella I.

Viajar sola a España Castilla

of Castile

Castile was the centre of power in 16th-century Spain. Discover the secrets of the Palace and the queens who could not rule there. Enjoy the history, cuisine and iconic cities guided by 21st-century women still connected to that historic past.

In the mood for lavender

Lavender is not only from Provence. Spain also dresses in purple and has a land rich in flowers and great landscapes. Enjoy its authentic villages and unforgettable experiences in its fragrant purple fields.

Delta Women

Travel to the land of fairytale towns and great wetlands. A land of mixed cultures, wonderful vineyards, delicious cuisine and nature in its purest form and be surprised!.

Femenine Mallorca

Reconnect with your feminine energy among nature, in an exclusive journey where the stars merge with aromatic plants.

Women from Asturias

One of the potential of the country for its gastronomy, Romanesque art, its mountains and fairytale towns. Discover one of the wildest lands in Spain while nurturing your curiosity with unique cultural experiences.

astronomia y mujer

Starlight & La Palma Volcano

Discover the beauty of the sky between volcanoes that smell of grapes, blue oceans and Indian houses. Meet the great artists and archaeologists of an island where baroque and prehistoric art intertwine in an embrace.

Women Spain Safari

Discover the wild spirit of Spain on a luxury safari for women. Enjoy an authentic experience in an incomparable setting like Karen Blixen did in Out of Africa.


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