There are many ways to visit Spain, yet none of these
have sought out its more feminine side.

Enter the private sphere of Spain’s most iconic women.

Experience the thrill of a private concert at the home
of a singer-songwriter, enjoy itineraries narrated by female writers,
savour avant-garde gourmet fare with Spanish chefs
and participate in many other unique experiences as part of a
privileged tour with a focus on the feminine.

Tailor-made tour

15 Days

Min 6 – Max 10

Discover the Spain not found in the travel guides

FOW recommends

  • Enjoy a visit with a Spanish singer-songwriter

  • Lose yourself in the history of Barcelona with a professional Storyteller

  • Savour extraordinary tapas with an expert Gourmet

  • Take part in a tour about the women of Al-Andalus accompanied by a female writer

  • Learn about the history of Gypsies in Granada



Emma Lira

Write a book, plant a tree and have a daughter. Emma has done it all, and she also has time to take you to Africa. A privileged experience that is priceless.

FOW Experience

I can’t put a price on that peace of mind, that my holiday will be a success. That I don’t have to worry about anything, that there will be an expert guide there. I’ll definitely be booking another tour with you.»

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The Feminine side of Spain

«It’s the journey, not the destination that matters”

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