«Many small people in small places will grow small gardens… that will feed the world.»
Gustavo Duch

From the start, Focus on Women (FOW) has been a purpose-driven company with a business model which aims to have a positive impact on the environment and the societies in which it operates. The core of our business model is directly linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular to those on gender equality (SDG 5) and climate emergency (SDG 13).

What actions are involved in our social and environmental commitment?

We approach our commitment to sustainability through two main pillars: removing gender gaps and respecting the environment. At FOW we strongly believe in a paradigm shift, not in greenwashing or purplewashing. Companies and organisations must behave as we think, and we have therefore introduced the following cross-cutting measures:

Actions aligned with SDG 5 “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”

  • Disseminate the culture, genealogy and history of women at the destinations.

  • Create dialogue and sisterhood spaces for the eradication of the structural inequality suffered by women and the imposition of gender roles.

  • Financially support projects that promote equality and the empowerment of women and girls everywhere.

  • Analyse the gender and ecological impact of each trip organised. The purpose is for all our itineraries to be 100% sustainable in the mid-term (by 2025).

  • Fight sexual tourism and child sexual exploitation by adhering to The Code Manifesto.

  • Give visibility to international projects and women leadership initiatives during our trips.

Actions aligned with SDG 13 “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts”

  • Positive Action Measures to hire supplier companies led by female entrepreneurs.

  • Promote responsible practices and habits among women travellers.

  • Support and give visibility to projects that promote respect for the environment during our trips.

  • Offset possible CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions during our trips.

  • Organise trips which focus on the environment.

  • Lead in the implementation of sustainable practices in our itineraries.

Proving our words with deeds is not a challenge

If you have reached this far, you are already aware of the positive impact that our travel agency aims to achieve. We demonstrate in each of our itineraries that we meet our objectives and contribute to a more sustainable development.

  • We support women and groups at risk of exclusion by donating 7% of our net annual profits to projects that seek to improve their situation. We also make occasional donations during our trips.

  • We develop women business networks in countries where there is a formal gender gap.

  • We meet with stakeholders who support and promote equality and sustainability.
  • We promote the individual responsibility of our clients by incorporating environmentally-friendly practices and by visiting projects related to the situation of women in the country.
  • We organise events and projects linked to sustainability, climate change, equality and ethics.

Losing sight of the shore to dive into the ocean

At FOW we define our essence not only by what we create, but also by what we refuse to destroy.

We contribute to the creation of dialogue between cultures by promoting the identification of new opportunities for the achievement of gender equality and the eradication of gaps. But we also defend universal human rights and, in particular, those relating to children. So much so that our cicerones and suppliers take The Code’s anti-child exploitation course.

We are also totally opposed to environmental destruction and damage through our economic activity. We advocate the conservation of natural spaces and resources, and we create experiences by prioritising one of our principles: low CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions.


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