When I was a child, I was always dreaming with exotic countries and cultures.

When I was a teenager, I made all I could to earn money for traveling and make my dream a reality.

When I was an adult, I decided to become an entrepreneur and to show all those interesting countries in a feminine approach to women that want to travel solo.

Solo Travel | Focus On Women

Women, women, and women…This beautiful name that means no equality, no visibility, less future than men. How is it possible with so many inspiring and proud women that want to have an education, to boost and help their families and their society? That ´s what I want to show to all the women in the world. We need to be empowered , we need to know examples of success of women that haven´t the same chances and situation than us but reach their self-esteem, their own projects and their own success, but nobody speaks about them because they are women.

Women Traveling | Focus On Women

@Bold Blis

Solo travel is not only a new way of travel, it is something that society needs because of the new situation and independence of women, for the new cultural interests. Women want to discover the world and to have adventures traveling solo, they don´t want to wait at home looking at wonderful tv shows about traveling.

But what will be the result if we create a luxury, tailored made trip in which women know the reality of other women, connecting themselves and empowering as well??  That´s what I thought could be the perfect trip for women and that´s the reason for Focus on Women travel solo company.


Women attract women, women want to network and connect with other women, women want to help others. So let´s try to show women life, to give a feminine approach to trips, with a responsible and positive impact in the tourism. Let´s set up new friendships around the world and create a feminine universe. A trip is not only a cultural visit, is to smell , to hear , to know , to surprise yourself, to feel…. And this is what we need in our century , this is the future of travels, experiences in which we are the protagonist, a trip in which I will feel the country. A trip in which I meet writers, artists, I have a tea with a geisha, I know the woman called Steve Jobs in her country, the new women designers, a film director… so many inspiring women…

Solo Travel Spain | Focus On Women

@Bold Blis

So let´s start this wonderful adventure, take your baggage and passport and help us to create this wonderful feminine universe of trips for women.